Matt kazmierczak and alexa anderson dating

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was monumental for two reasons: the series celebrated its 200th episode and revealed Season 9’s Top 20 dancers. “You showed some great fight in Vegas,” Tyce Diorio told her right before he delivered the good news. “It took everything inside me to drop that pride…but you can’t grow with that extra baggage,” she told the cameras. But, for ten guys and ten girls, this was just the beginning of their journey. Top 10 Girls: Alexa Anderson Contemporary The judges put Alexa through the ringer during Vegas Week, but the stealthy dancer was determined to prove she has what it takes.“Two of the hottest tamales we’ve ever had on the show,” Mary said beaming.

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Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer Hip Hop, Popping Cyrus has no formal training, but he’s gracious and a hard worker.It will be interesting to see how he fares in the various dance styles.The judges are completely enthralled with him; they must see star quality in the “karate kid”.It will be interesting to see how she holds up in the weeks to come, when she’ll have to learn and prepare several routines from a variety of choreographers in a short amount of time.Tiffany Maher Jazz Tiny, but a dynamo on the dance floor.

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